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Domestic crystal glass handicraft design to practical and fashion fusion

In April 24th, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the nineteenth China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, handicrafts, watches and Houseware Exhibition will be kicked off. As a major trading company of all previous gifts, crystal glass handicraft has a wide range of procurement requirements, this year in this field of performance is more prominent, custom, high-end series of handicrafts began to test the water gift market.
This trend reflects the trend of high-end technology design manual, gradually customized, high-end, limited production, this is the modern design development to a certain extent, the market changes and design innovation. A number of crystal and glass products enterprises exhibitors said, in previous years making high quality requirements of finished products are exported to Europe and the United States, in addition to a small number of domestic custom items, usually the quality requirements will be lower, but now the situation is changing.
In one of the country’s export glass production base in Shanxi Province as an example, the perennial growth of foreign trade order is the domestic enterprises to seize the overseas market demand, through the Shenzhen international gifts exhibition, the glass and the traditional Christmas (Thanksgiving, Valentine, Easter gifts) marriage, with WAL-MART and other retail giants into the European market channels. This also led to the development of high-end glass crafts in China, in the process of making reference to the European and American design process, the domestic enterprises and the development of Arts and Crafts Master of fine art, fashion, high-end standard glass crafts must achieve.
In recent years, in the domestic market demand push forward, some enterprises have begun to shift the focus of business back to the domestic high-end market, and even put all the energy on the domestic custom service. High-end real estate, business clubs, commercial office space, private home customization, and so on, every segment of the market has attracted those who have been specializing in bulk foreign trade enterprises.
Today, the domestic market has been smoothly connected with the international fashion trends, independent design, innovative crystal ornaments, glass containers will be practical and artistic good combination, in the market more competitive advantages. The young old crafts market hard to get the favor of some enterprises to try simple design style, outstanding fashion style, not only the product orders quickly climb, reflected in the added value of the product, the product price is higher. Some glass enterprises in Shenzhen bluntly gift show the meaning and value pursuit and unlike previous orders, is a direct study of enterprise product market acceptance opportunity and collect the industry’s most cutting-edge information channel.
In the face of gold purchase season, Shenzhen International Gift Fair will bring together nearly 3000 companies from all sectors of the manufacturers and agents, Shenzhen Tianyi Square, Dalian and China will Home Furnishing Meiya, in the grand scale of the present new boutique, 130 thousand overseas buyers and visitors will visit experience.

Taiwan Hsinchu glass crafts sparkling channel edition Expo

The second China Fuzhou Strait copyright Creative Industries Fair held in Fuzhou from May 18th to 22. Taiwan Hsinchu glass art exhibition at the wonderful debut, attracting attention.
Hsinchu glass exhibits exquisite workmanship, creative works attracted many visitors eyes. Hsinchu glass artist Dai Wentai “coincidence”, stretching when firing the natural formation of the glass bubble from top to bottom in the size of regular arrangement, highly visual impact is relatively rare; the works of Xu Yuanrong “eight horses” horses, shapes, some Yang Ti gallop, some lying lying Sahuan, lovable, true to life.
“I fuse the 4 kinds of glass together and then slowly sculpture them by hand. Glass, because of temperature, is easy to crack in the making process. I’ve been working for 30 years to ensure that every horse has no flaws.” Xu Yuanrong says.
It is understood that, at this channel edition Expo, there are 10 Hsinchu artists 60 pieces of glass handicrafts to participate, and finally 8 pieces of gold and silver won the gold medal respectively.
This edition of Expo 530 entries in Taiwan, accounting for 30.4% of the total entries, Taiwan exhibitors accounted for nearly 50% of the total number of exhibitors.

Israel glass handicraft exhibition opens in Tel Aviv

2015 Israel glass crafts exhibition held in the land of Israel Museum, the exhibition brings together many of the past many exhibitors Israeli artists, there are also many emerging local artists as well as in the different background of the work of local artists works.
The 2015 Israel glass art exhibition is being held at the Museum of Israeli heritage, 62 of which have been selected from the works of Israeli artists in the past four years. It was also the third such exhibition in the Museum of homeland, the first two times in 2007 and 2011 respectively. The exhibition aims to overview Israeli glass handicraft picture and drawing the glass art expression of contemporary new situation. The exhibition will last until June 20th.
The exhibits in the hall range from concrete to abstract, from tiny objects to large sculptures, from hanging on walls and ceilings to places on the floor. The exhibits display a wide array of inspiration, modes of thinking and artistic techniques. Glass crafts exhibition curator Henrietta Eliezer Bruna said: “the exhibition of glass crafts in the expression of many themes and aesthetic metaphor, from the concrete to the abstract, from the reality to the illusion, from personal concern and expectation to get along with people, criticism of social and political problems from personal narrative to. We also want to tell Israel what public glass crafts can convey and what we can do with glass.”
Because of curiosity into the glass crafts exhibition yedidya pointed to him a large glass handicraft said: “out of curiosity, I come here to visit. I like it. The show is great and inspirational. I think the show changes the way we think about life.”
In the exhibition hall, Ms. Lubin was very excited, and she enjoyed many of the exhibits in the exhibition hall. She pointed to a piece of art called “rain after the rain”. The purpose was to tell people to protect water resources and save water.
Susan Rubin: “it’s an exciting and incredible glass art show. It’s in a very interesting and special way to tell about water consumption all over the world.”. Almost all of the works here, really exciting.”
He is a student of the Bezalel School of art and design in Jerusalem. He’s just started learning the art. He says the art value of glass can be found a lot.
Arlon: there are a lot of wonderful exhibits here. You can make everything out of glass. Although it’s a good show. But in Israel, we need to go further and create more amazing glass crafts. Because the artists I know of Israeli glass crafts are very powerful, so we need to continue our efforts technically.”
Israeli artists use unique methods of innovation and imagination to use glass as the medium of artistic expression, and many of the works in the exhibition hall are also talking about the social status of israel. Glass crafts exhibition curator Henrietta Eliezer Bruna in the name of “peace” exhibits before reading the authors want to express the message: “we sat cross legged on the blanket, carved with the story of the past with our deep voice. This blanket is our night palace, this is our bright mind, this is our imagination from the past the national fusion of the legend; this is our winter, we in the mountains in summer, regardless of where we can carry the fertile season; this is our home, our square our refuge. Its doors were always open, inside and outside, and we were waiting to rewrite the stories that were handed down to us for any possible legend.

3D laser glass handicraft carving technology

3D laser engraving technology for glass crafts is a revolutionary change in process glass processing industry. It is environmentally friendly, energy saving, highly automated, digital and networked, and also remotely monitored. Greatly reduce the intensity of manual labor and the rate of defective products.
Principle of glass formation:
1. The engraving technique uses laser to sculpt 3D patterns inside the glass to form a lossless internal image;
2. With the LED lighting product image self luminous, magnificent, with a dual function of advertising decoration and lighting;
3. Brand new advertising vehicles, in the “channel for the king”, resource intensive competition in the advertising industry, the development of new advertising occupation point, the market prospect is huge;
4. Artistic and practical advertising new media has the incomparable advantages of traditional media and Internet media.
Laser engraving glass, its energy density must be a critical value or greater than the threshold of the glass damage, and laser somewhere in the energy density associated with it in the spot size, with a laser beam spot, the smaller places produce more energy density. Through proper focusing can make the laser energy density before entering the glass and reach the processing zone below the damage threshold of the glass, and in the hope of processing area is more than the critical value, the laser pulse is generated in a very short period of time, the energy will instantly make crystal heat cracking, resulting in very small white spots on the glass the internal carved out of a predetermined shape, while the rest of the glass or crystal will remain intact. It can also be used in glassware or other products in the glass industry.

Liu Hongxi: let traditional glass handicraft insert electricity supplier wings

Small town is the famous “Christmas craft gift village”, the town has a group of traditional glass handicrafts master. Some time ago, in Changzhou, a university teaching Liu Hongxi heard the news, came to the small town, and one of the folk master partnership, played the e-commerce.
Liu Hongxi is an art design teacher at a university in Changzhou. He usually likes to do some design and creation work. In April the first chance, Liu in the small town officials met in the glass handicraft production of Liu Gui, saw some of Liu Gui’s to produce a piece of fine glass, an idea flashed in Liu Hongxi’s head: “if after more professional design and packaging, these exquisite glass product value will be there is more room for improvement.” Liu Hongxi immediately told the idea to Liu Gui. Over the years, has been engaged in the production of the traditional glass Liu Gui listened to Liu Hongxi’s plan, immediately attracted by his novel idea: “we will exchange ideas later, feel if the integration of resources, the overall effect of our products will be improved, the previous mode of production and sales is too backward, now have to do support his design, I in the production of more energy.”
Just touching the handmade glass Liu Hongxi, high spirits, Chafanbusi, all thoughts are on the design of new products, so a few days, the soul of the collision concept design and traditional technology. In the production workshop, Liu Hongxi happily took a finished product, told reporters: “just touch the hand glass here, I feel that the market outlook is relatively large.”. Like me these products, I draw from the manuscript to become a product, and even a week did not use, which in the past I simply can not imagine, I think this is more suitable for me, Baoying, I came to the right.”
After the success of the product, Liu Hongxi and Liu Gui held a discussion, they agreed that the traditional model of manufacturing and sales are too backward, the current popular e-commerce is more suitable for them to make great efforts. Liu Hongxi told reporters, innovation should not just stay in the head, and their “double Liu” cooperation, not only to make innovation change reality, but also be recognized by the market, creating greater market value. Electricity providers have this function, it does not like traditional enterprises to launch a good product, it takes a long period of time will be recognized by the market, it has the power to overtake corners. Listening to Liu Hongxi’s plan, Liu Gui expressed great support: “now we all know that the electricity supplier, which is inevitable in the future development.”. He understands the design, understands the electricity supplier, I understand the production, understands the manufacture, in the product manufacture and the sale, completely complements. Consumers like our brand, directly on the Internet to buy, we as producers directly face the end consumer, profits have improved, consumers have also been a lot of benefits.”
Liu Hongxi also told reporters that their business platform has been set up successfully, is currently embarking on brand registration. Just more than 10 days time, their product sales have reached several thousand yuan to our factory: “I made a” 10+ “strategy, is to have 10 basic products, these 10 products are carefully selected by us, we will focus on the promotion, want to customers.

What are glass crafts?

First of all, let’s get to know what glass crafts are.

Glass handicraft, also called glass handicraft, is a product of artistic value by hand processing glass raw material or glass semi-finished products. It fully embodies the creativity and artistry of human beings. It comes from life, but it is higher than life.
Glass arts and crafts are generally divided into molten glass crafts, lamps, glass handicrafts, glass handicrafts three categories, often as decorative materials or high-end business gifts.
Glass crafts glass ornaments, glass pendulum subdivision refers to the Christmas gift, glass fruit series, glass flower series, glass animal series, glass candy series, glass stick series, glass vase, glass beads, glass candlestick, glass fiber glass products etc..
Most of the glass crafts are made by hand, carved by carving, and cast by wax. They have been repeatedly turned and molded. Such as lamp glass crafts with the colorful glass rod as the main material, the use of oxygen and liquefied gas for heating glass rod, the rapid melting of bar heating after the operation, the whole process and then by the operator with pliers, blade and other tools for various products shaping.
Nowadays, people’s taste is high, and glass handicrafts are more and more sought after by people. It enhances the taste and artistic sense of the decoration of ordinary people. Venice is famous for producing glass handicraft, although the glass art is a few rich people of luxury, but in recent years, Chinese travel to Venice buy Glass Art surge, Chinese buy a huge potential, China’s consumer market has the huge potential needs mining. Moreover, after the liquor plasticizer storm, consumers gradually realized that the use of glass products is healthy consumption, the use of glass products is a kind of enjoyment, glass crafts products that unlike the mechanism perfect, so the same product there may be a small difference, but it is also their beauty.

Intelligent fire box: monthly sales of less than twenty thousand factories to advance millions of rush orders

When the Shenzhen Nanshan District scheme soared to several hundred, the sharp – smelling Nuggets realized that startups had fallen into the supporting role of the story.
Yes, BATJ, millet, Lenovo have all been present, in a big way, press conference one after another, quite lively. Do traffic entrance, build ecological platform, become the Home Furnishing terminal, intelligent speaker has been popular.
In the consumer market, this is destined to be a field pack and play games, happy island. As a result, three years ago to start an intelligent speaker of the old Wang, with the team changed suddenly, a makeover for technology solutions company.
At the end of the supply chain, to a drop in the bucket orders profit, on behalf of the factory have to compete with you, even at the cost of millions of dollars to do business at a loss to advance. “At the end of the day, I’m working for the big company. Anyway, this wave, I decided to give up, “said the old Zhou Shenzhen supply chain market in the city for five years, do not want to drop this muddy water.
“Domestic and international user habits are different, domestic market demand is not rigid.”. “I am pessimistic about the domestic market,” said Cheung Feng, executive director of investment executive Zhao Nan, referring to smart speakers with lukewarm attitudes, a typical response to investment.
Based on online Taobao (including Tmall) sales data tracking survey, the overall sales of smart speakers category is less than 20 thousand units. Don’t believe in yourselves the investment market, “market data shows that all empty talk nonsense”.
Influx of big players, cool the capital market, the supply chain is passive, entrepreneurs find another way, sales data dismal. This is the artificial intelligence Cuishu “speaker dream”, the last who will stay?
I. great leap forward
Three years ago, Amazon smart speakers Echo released, integrated voice assistant system, Alexa smart speaker market began to ferment. Until last year, Echo’s sales data began a qualitative leap, breaking through 5 million units in one fell swoop, becoming the sales leader of small family speakers in the United states.
A year ago, Google launched a similar product called Google Home. In May, Apple released HomePod on WWDC. At the same time, a large wave of Internet companies millet, Lenovo, Baidu, Ali, Tencent enthusiasm, yihuhuhuapiao not resigned to playing second fiddle, appearance is almost the same as the launch of smart speaker.
In addition, Himalaya, cool dogs, cheetahs and other peripheral players into different postures; Haier, Midea and other household electrical appliance brands urgently need to test the new technology in small household electrical appliances; and a number of more than 20 start-up team.
The rise of the domestic market of the formal intelligent speaker, from the beginning of the second half of 2016, which is the ripple effect of Amazon Echo sales increased sharply from.

“Shared bookstore” is a useful innovation exploration

In July 16th, Hefei Xinhua Bookstore three stores opened a “shared filial piety mouth bookstore business model, this was written into the 2017 Shandong college entrance essay and become the” Red Net “24 hours bookstore once again attracted the attention of public opinion. Readers online payment of 99 yuan deposit, you can enjoy a single sweep code, borrowing a total of less than 150 yuan of two books, but need to be returned within 10 days. Readers can also display their collections in the APP, record the book’s evaluation and Book membership.
Books cannot be read without borrowing. The “sharing bookstore” model introduces the library function and turns the bookstore into a library that can be borrowed and bought. It stimulates the interest of the readers and attracts a lot of people to visit and borrow. Data show that the 16 day ushered in the traffic of 20 thousand passengers, refresh the record that store traffic, the 4000 day or so books are borrowed, if 2 of the loan amount per capita, about 2000 people participated in the lending activities. Visible, “sharing the bookstore” mode was welcomed by the public, many people come early adopters, experience fun free to borrow books in the bookstore.
Many people dream of reading is rich in the collection of books, and books every day, there are endless books to read at home. However, there are few people who can really have “book city”. Now there are many kinds of books, and the price is not cheap. For the readers, buying books is not a small expenditure. The most important thing is that there is not so much space to accommodate a private bookstore, plus many books are popular bestsellers, read it, no collection value. Moreover, as the pace of life is speeding up, many people are busy, rarely have sufficient time and mood to read, buy books are often idle for a long time, lack of reading power, resulting in unnecessary waste.
“Sharing the bookstore” mode gives free reading readers for 10 days, due to return to, one can enhance the borrower reading motivation and pressure, on the other hand, promote the circulation of books, can realize the flow in different borrowers, making more people finish reading. Moreover, the “shared bookstore” model also has a social function, which can increase communication among readers and promote mutual understanding of books. Comprehensive visible, “sharing bookstore” in line with consumer demand and emotional needs of the Internet era, hit the pain point of reading people, get touted is normal.
As for the “sharing bookstore” profit model, it is a realistic problem to consider. The “shared bookstore” attracts customers, not all of whom apply for a lending service, which increases the chances of book sales. On the other hand, free loan service will reduce part of the purchase demand, have influence on the bookstore sales performance, but to borrow books in the crowd, there may be some people finally did not return the book, but into buying behavior, which in turn created real sales. It can be seen that the final bookstore can obtain economic benefits, and it needs a period of practice test to see it.
“Sharing the bookstore” pattern is a shared economy, follow the trend of occasion to hype, but it is the innovation in the original business model of the bookstore, to a certain extent, has attracted the attention of the public to the bookstore and library, even as a marketing strategy, but also more successful, worthy of recognition. If the “sharing bookstore” to stimulate more people to participate in the borrow books, enhance public reading habits, reduce the public purchase burden, make a contribution to enhance the public reading ability, the social value more than economic benefits, but also is beneficial to try.

Japan is working on a lightweight material that might be stronger than carbon fiber

The proportion of cellulose nanofibers is 1/5 of that of steel, but the strength is five times that of steel.
Almost every car manufacturer is pursuing lightweight, because it’s good for cars both in terms of fuel consumption and performance. But don’t lose sight of the fact that to make lighter materials more secure would add to the cost. The more precise version of the move, therefore, is that draconian regulations have forced them to make cars lighter.
Japan is working on a lightweight material that might be stronger than carbon fiber
Pressure people often burst out of inspiration and creativity, such as carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium alloy, resin and so on.
Right now, a Japanese auto parts manufacturer is developing a wonderful new material. It is reported that this kind of cellulose nanofiber material extracted from wood pulp is only 1/5 of that of steel, but the strength is five times of that of latter.
The researchers say the cellulose nanofiber material could be a good substitute for steel for decades to come. However, the biggest challenge facing the material is carbon based materials such as carbon fibers.
In the commercialization process, carbon fiber has been used in many super running, as well as luxury car manufacturers such as BMW products. Cellulose nanofiber material is still in the research stage.
On the other hand, the popularity of electric vehicles makes the importance of lightweight higher than ever, because it plays a crucial role in the most important parameter of electric vehicles – mileage. Batteries are the core components of electric vehicles, and the cost is still high. Therefore, lightweight has become a “42 pound” technology.
Car manufacturers are already well versed in this. Masanori Matsushiro, project manager for TOYOTA automotive design department, believes that lightweight is a permanent and important topic for car body design. However, he pointed out: “we still need to take into account the new technology needed for processing new materials, and hence the increased manufacturing costs.”. Especially when they are applied to mass production stages.”
Kyoto University researchers, electrical equipment (DENSO) and other parts suppliers and DaikyoNishikawa company is working together to study how to combine plastic and nanofiber. According to the researchers, cellulose nanofibers are made from wood pulp fibers that break down into hundreds of microns, a micron length equivalent to 1/1000 millimeters.
Outside the automotive sector, nanofibers have been used in many products, such as inks and transparent displays. The material can be used in cars by researchers working on the “Kyoto Process” process.
According to the researchers, “Kyoto Process” chemical treatment of wood fiber, so that it fused with plastic, make it a nano fiber. With this technique, manufacturing costs can be substantially reduced, approximately 1/5 of the traditional process.
“[the project we are working on] is a good example of cellulose nanofibers, low-cost and high-performance applications,” says Hiroaki Yano, a professor at the Kyoto University. So we’re looking forward to seeing how it can be applied in automobile manufacturing and even in the field of aircraft manufacturing.”
It revealed that Kyoto University and supplier partners are developing a prototype vehicle using nanofiber as the body, hoping to complete the project by 2020.
TOYOTA and Mazda are all DaikyoNishikawa customers. “We have been using plastics as a substitute for steel,” said Yukihiko Ishino, a spokesman for the company. “I hope nanofibers will further expand our range of alternatives.”.”
Hiroaki Yano said that the reason he launched the study was influenced by the “Spruce Goose”, a transport aircraft. It was made in 1947 by American entrepreneur Howard Hughes (Howard Hughes), which is almost entirely made of wood. At that time, Spruce Goose was the largest aircraft in the world. Hiroaki Yano then thought, “since Howard Hughes can make large aircraft from wood, why can’t we have the same strength and steel as wood?””
At present, the cost of 1 kg of nanofiber material is about $9. The goal of Hiroaki Yano is to halve its costs by 2030. Because it can be used in combination with plastics, this material has a greater competitive advantage than the high stiffness materials such as aluminum alloys.
Experts predict that carbon fiber, the most expensive lightweight material currently considered to be the most expensive in automobiles, will fall to $10 per kilogram by 2025.
Analysts believe that the recent aluminum alloy is still the most popular lightweight materials. After all, for example, nano fibers such materials need to be transformed into production lines.
Boston Research Lux application materials analyst Anthony Vicari said that if the Hiroaki Yano project can be successful, it will be a major breakthrough.

Do consumers prefer online shopping or physical store consumption?

In recent years, electric explosive development, let the retail entity into a precarious situation. Many store owners complain that online shopping makes it difficult for them to survive or even lose confidence in sales, but internet marketing has always been there.
In the future, in clothing, food, shelter, travel and so on, consumers will be preferred online shop or store? Perhaps someone insisted on the original shopping habits, perhaps someone will soon change. To buy clothes, for example, the reporter conducted a small consumer survey.
Do consumers prefer online shopping or physical store consumption?
Some people all online shopping, some people go to the store
After 90 girl Wu Yue, buy clothes, choose clothes for boyfriend, all online shopping. I prefer to stay at home shopping. I don’t like shopping, online shopping, less bargaining, and good bargains. Clothes sent to the right to accept, inappropriate return on, very convenient.”
Xiao Zhu said she only 80, in line to buy a clothes. “At that time, Taobao just started, I fancy a coat, sold 78 yuan, I felt good, let my colleagues order for me to pay, the result of clothing sent here, the label is written on the trumpet, but wear larger than the big ones?”. Taking into account the return of the trouble did not retreat, clothes sent people.” My first online shopping has been hurt, will no longer go online to buy clothes. She believes that the purchase of clothes will go to the store, this year she has opened a more than 10 square meters of women’s clothing store.
Do consumers prefer online shopping or physical store consumption?
After 70, pony, a man, never bought clothes online. “I usually buy clothes in a fixed store. The owner knows what style I wear and what size, and when I see the design, I’ll take it home and return it to him if it doesn’t fit.”. Summer jacket plus pants four hundred or five hundred yuan, five hundred or six hundred yuan, autumn and winter, a set of one thousand or two thousand yuan, the price is within the scope of acceptance. Buying clothes in a store can see real patterns and fabrics, and they’re more reliable than online.”
In addition to the price, consumers pay more attention to shopping experience
In the past 3-5 years, online retailers have been unable to spell online stores because of the low price on the internet. One of the reasons why consumers almost no ordinary Xiao Wu to go to the store to buy clothes is the income is not high, the clothes are too expensive. “Mall store, a summer coat motionless on a cheap two hundred or three hundred yuan, down to four hundred or five hundred yuan, expensive to thousands of dollars. For the monthly income of only 3000 yuan for me, consumption is a little hard. And the clothes of the shop on the street, the price is falsely high, counter-offer is very tired.”
Little Wu Yue, many of her friends to buy clothes online, mainly cheap, but after all, can not see the kind, not satisfied to return, subsidizing the express fee, many times, interest will be reduced. “The pictures on the Internet may be genuine photo, send the goods is likely to see the imitation brand; explanation is high waist pants, hair over the waist or pants is in may.”

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